Thursday, May 21, 2009

Think Pink

That's the name of the game--pink clothes, pink shoes, pink hats, pink bed, pink blankets, pink photo albums.... That's right, our latest visit to the doctor indicated that a baby girl is on her way! Everything looks great so far; mommy and baby are both healthy. She definitely looks like a mover...the ultrasound technician was chasing her all over Joy's belly trying to get pictures for the doctor!

After the doctor visit, Joy's mom got us a treat to celebrate. Don't worry, they're only chocolate! We're both really excited and thankful that things are going well as we anticipate the arrival of our little girl!

Training is going well, I've moved on from classes to hands-on experience inspecting, fixing, and troubleshooting MAF's training airplanes. I have good incentive to do a thorough job as these airplanes are the ones I will be flying in a few short weeks! Joy is keeping busy with paperwork, phone calls, and plenty of naps. This weekend we are heading over to Vancouver, Washington, where we used to live so we can visit the church we used to go to and see some friends. Pray for safe travel and continued good health for all three of us! Our support is still slowly coming in even as we have shifted gears a little bit. We're now a little over 80% in both monthly and outgoing support, so we're getting there! We are always so excited to see how God works.

P.S. I'll post a few ultrasound pictures in the near future!

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