Sunday, December 2, 2007

Summer Is Gone

Well, we're getting our first taste of Pacific Northwest winters. It snowed yesterday, but it's usually rain. They have this weather phenomenon out here called the "Pineapple Express" which I'm still not sure exactly why it's called that, but it basically amounts to A LOT of rain. So, I've taken up a few new hobbies, like cooking and writing newsletters. The Servant Wings airplanes are still keeping me pretty busy as well. We just finished up a 100 hour inspection on the 206 and started the same inspection on our 172. Normally these inspections take 3-4 days to complete when full days can be devoted to the project. But since we already have full time jobs elsewhere, we have to work on the weekends and evenings and consequently it takes weeks to complete. If we could get more individuals and churches to partner with us financially, we would be able to work less at the jobs we have to and more at the jobs preparing us for missions. Having the airplanes down for inspection means that we can't fly them until the inspection is complete. So the longer it takes, the longer we have to go without flying them. And that affects our timeline for joining MAF. But it is all in God's hands, and we will wait for His time.