Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Technical Training

Here's a photo of our current "standardization" (as MAF calls it) group along with the MAF maintenance instructors and Instructor Pilots. Of course I am in the lower left and next to me is a young man from MAF's UK branch. Next to him in the white shirt is an Instructor Pilot. From Left to Right in the back row are several more maintenance instructors and instructor pilots...except for the last two. In the black is Noel, who will be serving in Asia, and next to him in the blue shirt is a pilot from MAF's Canada branch. Clear as mud?!

I spent last week in class going through flight ground school. We went over many subjects related to flight theory and operations in general, as well as things very specific to MAF operations. We learned about MAF's operating procedures and regulations...and I'll soon get the chance to put all this new knowledge to the test with a couple weeks of flying. For now I'm sitting in maintenance ground school classes taking an in depth look at the Cessna 206 how it works and how to maintain it. The next two weeks I'll be practicing and learning in the shop before I get to do the flying!

What's really exciting is that a week from today we will be going to the doctor for an ultrasound. We'll get to see our little bundle and learn if it's a she or a he! Pray that everything will go well with the doctor visit!

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