Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Showers, Alternators, and Long Walks

This past weekend Joy and I drove 7 hours to Vancouver, Washington, to attend our church there. They were kind enough to throw Joy a baby shower--we got lots of wonderful gifts and useful items for our little girl--we were so blessed! We were also blessed by a surprise offering the church collected for us on Sunday morning! We stayed in Vancouver until Monday morning and headed back to Nampa with a carload of baby things.
Speaking of's ours! This is the latest picture of our baby girl...she's so cute already! Both mom and baby are doing just fine, and I can even feel her doing flips and kicks and punches in there!

I'm still working on the shop floor until Wednesday; here I'm inspecting a magneto, which is an engine accessory that provides the electricity to fire the spark plugs. Without it, the engine would not run. Right now I'm working on overhauling an alternator, and just like a car, it provides the electricity to run all the electrical systems in an airplane. In fact, the alternator I'm working on right now says "Ford" on it!

We're keeping ourselves busy with plenty of training and paperwork. Well, time for dinner, yum yum!

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