Sunday, May 3, 2009


This is a photo from the MAF Dedication ceremony for the new Kodiak 100 airplane. More than 1,000 folks showed up to dedicate this new airplane to the Lord as it moves on for service in Indonesia.

Right at the tail end of the ceremony, it started to pour. As Joy and I were walking back to our apartment after it stopped raining, I took this picture of a tree in bloom. Surprisingly, it has rained a lot since we've been here. I guess we're just used to Portland, where it drizzles all the time. Yesterday it rained really hard, and there was thunder and lightning to accompany it!

Here are Joy and I along with one of our classmates, leading worship for chapel at MAF. Our class shared stories with the folks at MAF about how God has been faithful to us in the process of raising our ministry support.

And here we are receiving a copy of The Message during our "commissioning" chapel, where we are officially transferred from the Personnel dept. to the Operations dept. Lots of fun stuff! Tomorrow I begin the technical orientation training...i.e. the maintenance and flying! I'm pretty excited--it's been a while since I worked on an airplane, and even longer since I actually flew one!

Right now we are at 79% in both our monthly and outgoing accounts! We are really excited about that, but before we can leave for Africa, both of those accounts need to be fully funded. Pray for me as I learn MAF's procedures and regulations, and for safety as I fly and fix airplanes. Pray for Joy and the pregnancy. And pray that God will be glorified in all that we do!

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