Friday, January 9, 2009

The Whole Spectrum

Today was a fun day, we started off giving a presentation to a K-6th grade school. Instead of our normal presentation, we made up a little skit and had some of the kids come up on stage and help us with that. It was a lot of fun to do something different than usual, and we both like working with kids, so it worked out well. After that we went out to breakfast with Joy's sister and talked about missionary life and networked a little bit. Then we came back and worked a lot on paperwork, emails, phone calls, and setting up different avenues of communicating with our supporters. Then at 4 the kids were home from school and we spent a couple hours outside with them playing odd games and running around the yard. For dinner we had guests over to share our ministry with them and get to know them better. And now, Joy and I are debriefing from the day's events, writing notes and reminders, and writing it all down so we can share it with you too! We got up quite a bit earlier today than we normally do, so we're both pretty wiped out. Sorry no pictures today.

Seems that since we've been here in Phoenix, we have presented to all different age groups; we've hit the whole spectrum. This morning we had kindergarten, and Sunday we will be speaking to the folks at the retirement center, and I think we've covered all the different age groups in between.

Well, since we're both so tired, I think we are heading to bed! Goodnight to all....

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