Monday, January 19, 2009

A Milestone

We reached a milestone yesterday...Joy's mom was finally able to park in her own garage again! Ever since we brought all of our stuff down from Portland, she has had to park in the driveway because all of our belongings were in a big heap, taking up most of her garage. It's been a project ever since then to create a little order among all the chaos, and that's just what I did! Two yard sales, a trip to the thrift store, and many afternoons/evenings later, we finally got it organized. Most everything on the right side belongs to Joy's mom, while pretty much everything on the left is ours. We still have the major project of sorting through it all and deciding what to take to Africa and what we can leave here. But at least we can fit a car in there now! I was surprised to find too that the shelving I put up on our side survived a 5.0 earthquake while we were away in Phoenix! At least it didn't come toppling down.

Our support is still coming in and we are at 39%/month and 35% of our outgoing. We are waiting to hear from several different churches in the next couple weeks, and we have many speaking engagements from now until mid-February. We will be quite busy speaking, attending meetings, and traveling. Keep us in your prayers; we cannot do this alone!

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