Thursday, January 15, 2009

In the Sand Again

Yesterday was our day off for this week. One thing I've found so true during this support raising process, and that is paramount for Joy and I to take a day, relax, and not think about it! It's so refreshing and it gives us time to re-energize our batteries for the rest of the week! We went to the beach again with Joy's mom, and I can't pass up such a good opportunity to take some photos. I have some weird obsession with finding interesting flowers and taking pictures of them. I'm told this is a "Bird of Paradise" flower, and I think it looks pretty darn cool, so I took a picture of it. I also hired a model to play out in the water so I could take pictures of her too--I had a blast! She did such a great job. Last time I went swimming in the Pacific Ocean, it was December. I jumped in and the water was so cold it took my breath away. This time I just stayed in the water until I could no longer feel anything, and it wasn't too bad after that!

Next up is a shot from under the Newport Pier. I really like this one, especially in more of a black and white. It's always nice for me and joy to do things we like to do on our day off. Joy, of course, loves the beach and the ocean, and I really like to take pictures of the beach and the ocean. It works out great for both of us!

And here are some more flowers for you to enjoy. What a view, huh?

OK, since yesterday is gone, I'll give you a little update on our progress with support raising. We're up to 38% of our monthly goal and 34% of our outgoing expenses. You can pray for us the next couple weeks as we have many churches deciding on supporting us between now and the middle of February. We are still trying to reach our goal of 60% by February 9th, so it's getting down to crunch time and we're feeling the pressure! We know that whatever happens, God is going to supply our needs, and we are still looking forward to what He has in store for us!

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