Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sandy Foundations

How would you like to live here? Great view I suppose, but definitely reminded me and Joy about where our foundation lies. We're so glad to have a foundation like the Rock! We both started singing the tune at the same time..."The wise man built his house"....

Since the last couple entries were lacking in photos, I'll try to make up for it this time. Joy and I both share a love for the ocean...well, the beach I guess you could say. That's one thing that will be a little hard in Congo, although they do have some beautiful lakes nearby. We've enjoyed walking quite a bit too. It was hard in Portland because it rained so much, but since we've been in California, we've gone on a walk almost every evening. Tonight we're going to celebrate our anniversary with a romantic sunset on the beach, and then a fine dinner. And of course, tomorrow is back to work!

Just a quick update on support raising: monthly support is at 49%, and our outgoing is at 36%. It's exciting for us to see the numbers continue to grow!

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