Monday, November 24, 2008

Old Toys

My brother and I pulled out some old toys today. We found airplanes, trucks, tanks, mutilated army men, and so much more. We've been having fun taking pictures of our GI Joes and with the help of photo shop, we let the creative juices flow.

If you've read Joy's most recent blog, I think I caught whatever she had, and now I'm not feeling so good. I hope I get over it pretty soon, I don't like feeling bad.

Other than that, we've kept busy playing with my nephews, working on ministry partnership stuff, and planning our trip to California. Things are starting to come together now, and our schedule is filling up fast. We're planning on taking a truck load of our things down to Joy's mom's house for long term storage. Our newsletter is done (I think), so you should see it sometime after Thanksgiving. We're still at the 30% mark, but our outgoing fund is starting to catch up to our monthly support, which is a real good thing. Like Joy said in her blog, we are doing our part, but it's up to God to supply our needs, and we're trusting that's exactly what He's going to do. As always, thanks for your prayers and support of our ministry!

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