Saturday, November 15, 2008

70 degrees and...Snow?

That's what they're saying. Today it was 70 degrees, and it rained REALLY hard. Tomorrow will be 40 degrees, with snow showers. That's fine with me, let it get cold right when we're leaving. We have one more church presentation tomorrow morning, and then we'll be heading back to my parent's house in Ohio. We got rear-ended the other day (it was raining really hard that day too), so we need to get back and make a few repairs to the loaner my parents were nice enough to let us drive around. There weren't any casualties...well, I take that back, the car that ran into us wasn't looking too hot, but other than that, we survived. Looking back on it, I have to laugh because Joy wasn't feeling well, so we were on our way to the Urgent Care place so Joy could get checked out, and we were getting ready to turn into the parking lot when we got nailed from behind. So we both ended up signing in to Urgent Care so we could get checked out. It put a damper on our day...we were supposed to take a tour of a local dairy farm, but that obviously didn't happen. God is gracious though, and He takes care of us.

Pray for our time in Ohio, and pray for some upcoming decisions we need to make. During our time here in Maryland, we've sensed a lot of good "potential" but we just don't have the time to develop that potential, so we've been throwing around the idea of coming back here after our trip to California to finish up our support raising. A lot would have to fall into place before we could do that, so we're just asking people to pray about what we should do. Thank God that there were no injuries from our accident (and that our car is still drive-able).

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