Saturday, November 1, 2008

Take a Day OFF!

That's exactly what we did on Thursday after the conference ended. I took Joy down to the inner harbor in downtown Baltimore. We took a tour through the Baltimore National Aquarium. Now, I've been here many many times before, but this time was a little different...we found ourselves paying particular attention to all the "African" displays. Here's what we found: it's not actually the crocodiles and alligators in the rivers that will gobble you up, it's actually the hippos. They're fiercely territorial and have two HUGE teeth that can do a lot of damage. They often strike without warning--good thing I'll be flying!

This cute little guy is a poison dart frog, about the size of a nickel. But, don't be fooled by his size, this frog packs enough punch to knock out 10 grown men, and they're found in central African rain forests. Locals actually catch the frogs and use their poison to dip the tips of their arrows in when they go hunting, making their chances of actually catching something much greater.

This guy to the left is an Africa bullfrog, once again only found in the central African wetlands. In contrast to the dart frog, this one is the size of a softball and eats unattended children and anything else that moves!

And of course, you have the beautiful colorful reef fish thing that lives everywhere but Africa!

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