Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rain Makes Things Green

Did you know that? I think fall is officially here in the Northwest. We've had rain for a while now, and it's getting cooler, especially at night. Joy's mom is here visiting and we got to go on a hike around Battleground Lake yesterday. 53 pictures and .9 miles later, we were ready for some good dinner! Like mother, like daughter. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to drive back up to Mt. Hood and catch the sunrise over Mirror Lake, and maybe go on a quick hike--we'll see, it may snow tonight!

We had our presentation at our home church Sunday night; it went pretty well. We had a good turnout so that was good too. We're planning for our trip to Maryland and Ohio too. Our support level hasn't moved much in the past week, but that's how it goes. And, we finished our newsletter, so be looking for it pretty soon!

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