Thursday, October 9, 2008

Long Walks and Phone Talks

Yesterday Joy and I went on a long walk down an old railroad. We had to hike through the forest a ways to get there; along the path were some HUGE mushrooms about 5 inches in diameter! They were quite possibly the biggest mushrooms I've ever seen. It's nice to take small breaks every once in a while and get away.

In other news, we're now up to 20%, which is a good thing, because we're trying to reach at least 30% before we leave for Ohio and Maryland in a couple weeks. The closer we can get to that goal, the more likely we can reach our goal of 60% by December 1. Lots of goals, I know! As we finish up things here, we've got a big open house to attend next Tuesday, and we will be traveling to Lynden later next week to speak in one church and visit several individuals. Pray for our safety in travel, and that we would be sensitive to God's timing.

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