Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Of Presentations and Illnesses

The past two days have been filled with creating presentations, practicing them in front of live audiences, and refining them as folks provide their input and criticism. We've been coming up with videos and powerpoints to use during our presentations, and collecting pictures and music to incorporate as well. Joy and I are both pretty tuckered out from constantly thinking, speaking, and listening to pointers and input. We're also studying MAF under a microscope, to prepare for meetings with church pastors and mission boards. We need to know how MAF operates and how they do things so we can answer any questions that may come up during the process. We've got a lot on our plate right now; I wish you could see how feverishly I'm typing, so I can get back to powerpoints and presentation materials! As if all this wasn't enough, Joy hasn't been feeling too well the past 5 days, and isn't really getting any better. So today I made her go to the doctor and they said she probably has some kind of viral Bronchitis--not good, especially when you're in front of a lot of people trying to give a presentation and you keep coughing! Luckily, I haven't really been affected by whatever she has! Please pray for Joy, and that she will get better.

It seems that the MAF apartments are FINALLY nearing completion...just in time for us to leave! We saw a furniture truck in the parking lot today, hopefully delivering the furniture and appliances that will furnish the new apartments. It will be nice if we do get into one of these, because they're right across the parking lot from the MAF headquarters where all our classes are. So we won't have to go anywhere, we'll just walk across the parking lot to and from class every day.

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