Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Home" Again

We made it back to Vancouver--albeit we didnt' get in until 10pm. Our reunion was fun; Colorado is a beautiful place, and our family is beautiful too! It was great to see everyone. Too bad it was only four days long. We woke up to our first day back with sore throats and pounding headaches. Neither one of us is feeling real well, but we plugged ahead with work anyway...calling, writing, scheduling, and meeting. Right now, with our friends and family behind us, we're a little over 8% in our monthly support goal. To remain on schedule we need to gain about 3% every week or $270/month. We're ahead of the game!

So, Colorado was really nice. Joy and I visited the top of Pike's Peak (the tallest point in CO), as well as the Garden of the Gods before heading up to Estes Park.

We'll be in the Portland area until October 23, when we'll head to Ohio and Maryland to meet with churches and individuals.

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