Thursday, August 7, 2008

It Is Finished!

Our presentation is complete, along with a powerpoint slideshow and a short video! We'll be presenting tomorrow morning in front of lots of people we've never shared with before, so it will be just like the real thing! We will also be going as a couple in front of a mock mission committee, and they'll ask us all kinds of questions.

Joy is feeling a little better, but the cough is still hanging on. Thanks for the prayers. I think we're both glad it's getting to the weekend--we need a break. Next week we'll be designing and writing our first official MAF newsletter (and it might be different than the ones you've been seeing lately). We'll be polishing our phone skills and learning how to meet with pastors. Then they're going to give us a nice lunch and kick us out the door.

Off to dinner...see ya!

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