Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ahead of the Game

Our weekend has been pretty fun. We've gotten lots of opportunities to get to know other candidates a little better. We had a game night last night where a lot of us played card games and outdoor family games. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I didn't get any pictures of it. When we weren't playing games and having fun, we were working hard on coming up with a good presentation, complete with video and slide shows for your viewing pleasure. I think we're a little ahead of the game; our homework assignment was just to think about what we wanted to include in our presentation, but we pretty much have a full rough draft of the entire thing. I guess Joy and I are both over-achiever's or something!
Here's a photo of this summer's new career missionary staff, one of the largest classes in MAF's 63 years of existence! These folks came from all over America, and will be sent out all over the world...Africa, Central Asia, Latin America, and Indonesia! All of these people have responded to God's call as missionaries around the globe. Statistics say that this class represents less than half of all the people who formally trained to be missionary pilots/mechanics. Praise God that He has brought us this far! This photo does not include all the short-term (1 year) missionaries that went through candidacy with us.

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