Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Any More Hoops?

It seems fitting for me to let anyone who reads this blog know that I have finally reached 400 hours of flight time! I have now officially met all of the requirements for attending technical evaluation. Now that I have my hours, I won't be flying much at all from here on out, mainly because it is REALLY expensive. Just about the only flights I'll be taking are one's that our corporate members in Servant Wings will be paying for. I may fly a day or two before we leave for Nampa, Idaho, just to knock any rust off. That will be the last chance I get before being evaluated by the MAF staff. Joy and I are both a little anxious about it, but we are confident that God has called us to this ministry; He has prepared us both for this challenge in more ways than we realize. I think it will be fun to finally see how MAF operates, and to be under the "wing" of some of the greatest and safest pilots in the world.

In other news: here are a few pictures of our extended cross country project at Moody. It was kind of our senior project, our mission was to navigate from Spokane, Wa, to Chandler, Az, and back. We saw a lot of God's beautiful country from the barren deserts of Nevada to lush valleys in California and the incredible Rocky Mountain Range. This picture was taken just outside of Las Vegas, Nv, on our way to see Hoover dam and the Grand Canyon. Here's another one you might recongnize. This is part of the Golden Gate Bridge. As we were flying through some of the busiest airspace in the US, our flight instructor asked the air traffic controller if we could make a little "detour" and take the scenic route around the Bay area over Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge. He said sure, why not, I'll work you in, and we got some really cool pictures as we were pretty low to the ground. After our little detour, we flew down the California coastline all the way to Monterey!

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