Monday, April 14, 2008


It's coming down to the wire now, Joy and I will be leaving Sunday morning for Nampa, Idaho. We hope to arrive around dinner time so we can get settled and relax before the big debut. Most everything is in order; we still have to get physical exams done today so the doctors can send in their evaluation of our health. Other than that, we got everything done on time. Now all that's left are a few landings, putting a few bandaids on a couple airplanes, and trying to convince a shrink that I'm not crazy for giving up everything I have here in the States so I can go overseas and fly over dense jungles. I'll give it a shot.

We had our monthly Servant Wings meeting on Saturday where we were "comissioned" and sent forth from yet another organization that prepares mission pilots. I was really struck though with our conversation with the treasurer of the club. I was expecting a rather large bill for all the flying I've been doing lately to prepare for TE, but she said that a lot of people have stepped up on our behalf to help pay for our expenses! We've found out that we probably owe about half of what we were expecting! What a relief! And thanks in advance to those who have contributed financially on our behalf; we were really wondering how we were going to pay for all these bills and still stay on track with MAF. We don't know who you are...yet, so thanks for being part of the team! Continue to pray that we will be able to pay for all the upcoming flight costs (our TE will cost about $2000).

Sunday I got a little more practice in, mainly takeoffs and's really hard to touchdown a 3500 lbs bird in 100 feet! I was encouraged though, the practice went well. Joy was my "judge" letting me know precisely where I touched down on the runway. We treated ourselves to a little picnic lunch in Vernonia, Oregon, not too far from Portland.

Look for updates in the next few weekends for news on how our evaluation with MAF is going! We cherish your prayers.

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