Monday, March 17, 2008

In The Soup

We had a much more quiet weekend this time! Our 206 is still up in Lynden; we were hoping to pick up either Friday or Saturday, but it turned out that the overhaul company is still unable to get it fixed. The weather has been pretty bad lately anyway. I did get to fly today though, just in the local area. The weather allowed me to practice my instrument skills again, the only difference between this time and last time was that most of my flight time today was logged as "actual instrument" time. That means most of my flying was done solely relying on the instruments to guide me in keeping the airplane under control and help me in getting where I wanted to go. We flew through the clouds, unable to see the ground or anything outside the airplane for over an hour. And although it is difficult and more stressful, it was one of my goals in joining Servant Wings to gain more instrument flying experience. And Portland seems to be a great place to do that! I don't have any pictures of our flying today, mainly because you wouldn't be able to see anything anyway, but more pictures are on the way. I'm also less than 9 hours away from my goal, and it looks like everything is in order for our MAF evaluation. I'm feeling more and more prepared for the flight and maintenance evaluations, and I'm actually looking forward to it!

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