Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to Take A Hit

11 years of playing hockey will teach you that.  Let me back up a little bit....

Sundays after church have become a hobby/work on projects/fix the house kind of days.  I don't really like to, I never have.  But I've learned that right now, if I want anything to get done around here, it's got to be on Sunday afternoons.  So today I decided to work on fixing up the guest bedrooms for our moms coming out in a few weeks.  We are really excited they are coming, but there's so much left to do, it almost feels overwhelming.  After working inside for a while, I decide to continue the house screening project.  Unfortunately I can't do much of anything without making it amazing and perfect (at least in my eyes).  So I've spent the afternoon cutting, sanding, and staining the wood for all the screens and shelves in the house.  I have a little "work shop " out back so I'm constantly going in and out and running around the house, measuring the window sills, running back, cutting, and then going back to verify.  And of course, it's an absolute mess right now...but I know exactly where everything is.  Guess I take after my dad!

Well, I guess one time I was "running" out the door, I misjudged and rammed my forehead smack into a metal elbow.  Again, the involuntary reactions take over and immediately my hand goes up to the cut and presses hard against my forehead as I fall to the ground.  I'm sure, at the same time, I'm pushing all kinds of saw dust, paint thinner, and mahogany varnish into the wound, but like I said, 11 years of playing hockey will do that to you.  You realize real quick that whenever you get hit in the head, especially the forehead, there's always a lot of blood.

Now, on the ground for a minute or two, I regain my bearings, pick up the wood and my measuring tape, and continue working, all the while putting as much pressure on the cut as I can, but it hurts, bad.  I'm actually a little impressed, nothing is dripping down my arm, and I don't even think anything is on my hand.  I figure I should go inside and check the damage.  Oh good, only a 1/4" cut with minor swelling and just a little bleeding.  Can't see any bone, no stitches needed.  Nothing a little windex can't heal, right Adam?  Next time I'm in a hurry, I guess I should wear my flight helmet.

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