Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Is It So Quiet?

So, it's been one of those evenings with a 1 and a half year old, who thinks she needs to be a 2 year old.  She wants to eat dinner with a fork and do it all by herself, but can't resist the temptation to repeatedly throw the fork on the floor.  So the fork conveniently gets lost, but now she's "not hungry" and doesn't want to eat at all.  She just wants water, milk, and juice.

It's a hour after dinner and she tells me that she's hungry when a big flying bug comes in through the window and starts flying around the floor.  Kaitlyn is deathly afraid of this thing at first and won't stop screaming.  But, soon she warms up a little and inches closer and closer, making sure it's always on her terms and not the bug's.  I tell her it's called a bug, so she follows this thing around the room, saying, "Bug, bug, bug, bug."  Next thing I know is it's real quiet and Kaitlyn is sitting on the ground with her back to me.  Any parent knows that when things are quiet, the kids are up to something.

So I ask Kaitlyn, "What are you doing?"  She doesn't say anything, just tilts her head a little; I know she can hear me, she's just choosing to ignore the question.  So I shrug it off and continue working on my newsletter.  A few minutes later Kaitlyn comes up to me and wants to show me something.  Still working hard, I half acknowledge her until I realize it's one of this bug's four wings.  I then pay a little more attention and notice there's another wing sticking out of her mouth.  I tell her to open, but it's just the wing, so I ask her, "Kaitlyn, where's the bug?"  Her gesture says it all, she points to her belly button and tops it off with a smile and a "yum!!!"

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Kristine said...

She's just acclimating to the culture. :) Cute little lady!