Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Time

Now all we need is a blanket and a good movie!
Not quite yet here in Congo.  It's been one of those "Coffee/tea, popcorn and a movie type mornings."  And as you can see, we've donned the sweatshirts and wool socks, even though it's 76 degrees outside.  That's plenty cold when you're used to abundant sunshine and 90 degrees all day every day.  March brings the rainy season, something I think we're very thankful for, as all of us are more or less dependent on rain drink, cook, shower, get the idea.

Wrong, just wrong!
Speaking of water, it doesn't go down the kitchen sink very well; I've been working on it ever since we moved here.  I could get it to drain well for a few weeks, then it would clog up again, and I would have to unclog it and it would be fine for another couple weeks.  I hate doing this, because the end of the pipe is a foot down into the ground, so I have to stick my head down there as I shove the drain snake in, and it smells like...hmmm, I don't have words to describe it.  Suffice it to say I hold my breath until I start to black out, then I run away and breathe for a few minutes before coming back.  I just can't get over the smell.  And to make it worse, the dog loves whatever comes out of the drain, so she's always jumping on my head and trying to rip the snake out of my hands like the world's greatest pull toy.  Well, this time (after the entire kitchen faucet broke off in my hand) I couldn't believe what came out.  After I took the photo, I went to set the camera down, and grab my other glove to properly dispose of this thing, but the dog had already taken care of that job.  I almost lost my lunch just thinking about it.  By the way, the dog is still alive today, so I guess it was edible. 

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