Monday, May 3, 2010

The Tourist Thing

Aside from our regularly scheduled program, that's what we've been doing lately.  We took a day trip to Québec, North America's oldest city.  It's got more of a European feel with narrow cobblestone streets lined with shops, cafe's, and bistros.  The one on the left is pretty wide, they get much more narrow than that.  The building on the right is the "Chateau Frontenac," or Frontenac Castle, named after the French governor of the then "New France."  In 1690, He famously mouthed these words, "I have no reply to make to your general but from the mouth of my cannons and muskets," when British forces sailed up the St. Lawrence River and demanded he surrender.

I just thought this sign was a little funny.  Tourist Information, the Citadelle, Parliament Building, Frontenace Castle, and...Youville?  Hmmm, wonder what that is?

We also spent this past weekend in Montréal with Grammy and Papa Konop who came all the way up from Ohio to visit.  We went shopping, swimming, saw an IMAX film, saw the Body World exhibit, and got a passport for Kaitlyn too!  Here me and Kaitlyn are learning about "African army ants" on the Discovery Channel.  Hopefully we will get some pictures of Kaitlyn swimming soon; she LOVES the water!

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