Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Weekend with Daddy

has been awesome!  It's been just me and daddy the whole weekend long!  Mommy and Grandma went somewhere (daddy says Quebec City) and we've had so much fun together!  We went to the park yesterday and got home just in time, right before it started raining really really hard.  I got to go on the swing, down the slide and on the teeter-totter (although daddy said it was really hard with no one on the other end).  Then, when we got home, we had a tea party!  Well, daddy had coffee and I had a bottle, but we had a tea pot that talks and plays music, and some crackers to munch on.  He even let me stay up later than usual so we could hang out and watch the first game of the Stanley Cup finals!  I think we're rooting for Chicago because daddy says all the good teams got kicked out.  Then, in the morning, I shared my oatmeal with him and we went to church where I just usually play with a couple of my friends while daddy and mommy sing songs and listen to the preacher.  After church, we ate some lunch and then went on another walk to the park so I could swing some more.  I just love it when we go outside!  When we came back from the park, I had to take a nap because I was really tired from having so much fun.  In fact, I think I set a new nap time record; I slept for 3 hours!  Well, it's time to have some more fun before dinner time...and still no signs of mommy and grandma.  Daddy says he has some big news he wants to share, but he's waiting until next tune back in a few days from now!

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