Monday, March 2, 2009


The three of us took the weekend and drove up to Joy's brother's house in central California. We celebrated Julia's 9th birthday on Friday and Saturday with a friendly game of miniature golf, and floating around in bumper boats! And, of course there was singing and candles and plenty of cake and ice cream to go around...oh yeah, and presents too!

Ranging from 9 to 7 months, we got some good practice in preparation for our own little one. Wherever we went, they always had to ride with "Uncle Joy and Aunt Tis!" Of course, we relinquished responsibility anytime somebody needed a clean diaper or a bath!

We continue to work hard with our support raising efforts. We're still writing letters, calling, licking envelopes, and emailing lots of people! Our support has risen to 63.5%, and we're hoping for a few more churches to join our team in the next month or so. We're both feeling a little better since last week too. I've all but gotten over the flu, and Joy is feeling a little better as well. We cherish your prayers!

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