Saturday, February 14, 2009


Friends, I came across another video just today while looking around for more information on the Congo. It is an ABC Nightline Special only about 6 or 7 minutes long, and it shows some of the poverty and hardships of the people we have come to love. You can find the video at this link:

Bukavu, the town they mention in the broadcast, is 200 miles or so South of where we will be living in Bunia. We will be on the North side of the equator, Bukavu is on the South side. But, they are both on the eastern side of Congo.

We have been very busy traveling around and speaking, writing, asking...all the usual stuff. So busy, in fact, that I have no new pictures to show you of what we're up to, so I'll put up an older one. This is a photo of the real "London Bridge," you know the one that the song is all about. But, it's not in London, it's in Lake Havasu City, Nevada. The information sign said that the people who moved the bridge dismantled it brick by brick, and then brought it all the way to Nevada...and you guessed it, they put it all back together brick by brick. You may wonder what in the world I was doing in Lake Havasu City. Well, the guy in the orange shirt was one of my flight instructors from Moody; this was one of our overnight stops on our senior flight project from Spokane to Phoenix and back. It was pretty warm in Nevada in June, so once we landed and got settled in, we hit the local In N Out for a bite to eat and then saw that the London Bridge was down the street--the rest is history! It was so warm in fact, that the next morning we took off as soon as the sun came up because it was already almost 90 degrees outside!

Now, normally, I would update you on our progress with support raising and how all that is going, especially since our critical decision date of February 9th has come and gone, but I don't think I will this time. Our next newsletter will be coming out in a week or two and if I told you all the news here, you wouldn't have anything to look forward to in our newsletter!

But, as always, we cherish your prayers for us and for the ministry of MAF!

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