Monday, July 28, 2008

Road Trip

Well, at least we went on a mini one this past weekend. Joy's mom flew up to Boise and was here to spend some time with us. Saturday we decided to take a little road trip and drive up to Hells Canyon, the deepest canyon in the country, but we didn't quite make it! Instead we stop several time along the way and ate a "picnic" lunch at a park well South of the canyon. One of the places we stopped along the road had an old cable bridge that was posted "No Tresspassing," but you know what they say..."Like mother, like daughter!"

Friday night we all went to a "Make your own pizza" party with other new MAF missionaries. Dough was provided, and we all cooked our pizza delight!

Unfortunately, I can't seem to get any pictures to upload, so you'll have to do without the visual media today. Maybe I'll be able to get some up tomorrow. At any rate, we had a nice weekend relaxing, driving, eating pizza, and rafting the Boise River. Today we started security training; two more days of that, and then it's on to Ministry Partnership training. After that, we'll be let loose for six months to find prayer/support partners. Still no update on the country assignment. At least we know where in the world we're going, but we're still waiting on "where in Africa will we be going?"

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