Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Must Have Slipped My Mind

I forgot to mention in yesterday's entry that on Monday we were a part of our first "airplane dedication." The maintenance staff here in Idaho have been working feverishly on a new Cessna Caravan purchased for use overseas. On Monday, we had a quick time of prayer as all the staff circled the airplane and offered prayers to God for his many blessings and the provision of the new airplane. It is scheduled to leave Friday for a long flight to Kalimantan, Indonesia, where it is greatly needed in the MAF program there. The dedication wasn't a huge deal, but it has been an MAF tradition to give thanks to God for his many blessings. This may be the first of many "dedications" Joy and I will take part in as missionaries with MAF. The man talking in front of the microphone is John Boyd, President of MAF.

We also had our first meeting with the board today. This meeting was just to get to know us a little better and see how things were going with all the classes we've been sitting through. We also talked about any preferences we had for our overseas assignment. We will officially be asked to join MAF and receive our assignment on Monday afternoon, just a few short days from now! The interview went well and we are moving forward. Everything we've heard so far from our classes has been good, and we're encouraged even more that this is what God has for us. We've been able to get to know several of the other candidates in our "class" that are going through the same thing we are. It's amazing to hear all the different stories and how God has worked in all their lives to get them to this point.

Here's a photo of a cool rock formation we passed on the freeway as we drove down from Vancouver, WA, to MAF. Most of the drive is pretty non-descript, but every now and then you pass some interesting scenery. We had to stop several times as well because of the heat; we couldn't stand it anymore and had to find somewhere with air conditioning because it was so hot! We made it though, praise God.
Continue to pray for us as we go through all these classes and get our assignment. As soon as we know where it will be, we'll let everyone know. I'm sure you're just as interested to learn where that will be as we are! We thank God for each and every one of you; without you we could never accomplish the task that He's laid on our hearts!

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