Sunday, February 10, 2008

L O N G, Hard Week

I spent a long week down in Creswell working on the 206. It is in good shape now, after fixing a lot of small things and a few major problems. We put in several 12 hour days, and it is just about ready to fly again. Tomorrow I'll hopefully be flying down again in our 172, finishing up the maintenance issues on the 206 and then flying that back tomorrow afternoon/evening. While I was there I met a cute little dog named Sarah.

Ironically, she looks almost exactly like the dog I grew up with. Sorry Chelsea, I've fallen for a younger cocker spaniel!

Working on the 206 this week has given me the opportunity to brush up on my 206 maintenance skills, and learn a thing or two from the inspector we were working with. This may prove crucial in my preparation for technical evaluation in April, which is fast approaching!

I also got the opportunity to go on a cross-country flight Saturday, and log 4 more hours of flight time. I'm up to 360 now, and still pressing on toward my goal of 400. I will probably get 2 or 3 tomorrow as well, which will keep me right on track. God is providing for our needs and opening the doors that need to be opened. We are excited to have come this far, and anticipate the future!

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