Monday, February 18, 2008

In The Spotlight

When I was down in Creswell for the 206 annual inspection, the local newspaper came and interviewed me, David, and another missionary pilot, and then featured our stories on the front page. And although none of us really like being in the spotlight, it was great to be able to tell our stories and share the passion we have for serving God and other people. The man on the left is Jim, he is a missionary pilot with New Tribes mission, serving in Senegal. He has been there for eight years flying a Piper Aztec, and is home on furlough until this summer, when he plans to return to Senegal and continue the work there. I am in the middle, with both hands deep in the engine compartment, fixing a leaking component. Aircraft engines are notorious for packing a lot of stuff in a little tiny space, making it sometimes difficult and interesting to fix things. David is pictured on the far right, re-installing the interior of our 206 after it was removed for inspection. David is another mission aviation candidate in the Servant Wings program, and is planning to join MAF this winter. Because of this article, and being on the front page, I got a call from a local Eugene CBS news station, requesting an interview, which I gladly accepted! So, yesterday, I flew the 206 back down to Creswell again for the interview. The story was on TV last night for the 6:30pm news. Here's the link, for anyone who might be interested:

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