Wednesday, August 8, 2007

On My Way

Currently, I'm working as a full-time mechanic at Hillsboro Aviation. I've been performing routine inspections on airplanes as well as small helicopters. I also get to fly on the weekends--this weekend in particular we will be attending the Northwest Mission Aviation Fly-In where I'll get the chance to meet some new people from the mission community and give airplane rides here and there. I'm still trying to do as much flying as I can to get my flight hours up. (Right now I have 315 and MAF requires a minimum of 400 to join). We are still on track to join MAF next summer and it's exciting to see how far God has taken me in preparation for field service.

Last weekend Joy, her mom, a friend, and I flew the 172 to central Washington for a wedding, which (of course) was way better than driving =) I also got the opportunity to "tour" Mount St. Helens on a short scenic flight around the Portland area, and take some boy scouts for their first flight in a small airplane!

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