Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Photo of the Day

That's right, you can find Starbucks Coffee here in Bunia.  It comes on the MAF-Uganda flight from Kampala, in a strangely familiar box, which came from Istanbul, Addis Ababa, or Amsterdam.  Before that it came across the pond from somewhere like Washington D.C., New York, Atlanta.  And before that...from the caring hands of folks we know and love all over the U.S.

Sometimes they are damaged from water or being dropped.  Other times, they look brand new, but they all have stamps, tape, and stickers from various customs stations all over the world.

There are other things besides coffee too, of course.  Our favorite candy, chocolate, spices and cooking sauces we can't find here, toys and clothes for Kaitlyn, movies, surprises, pictures, books....  You get the idea.

Fact is, it's like Christmas for us every time we receive a box.  And it's not just Kaitlyn who goes crazy with delight and anticipation when we sit down to open them.  It's a reminder of home, of family and friends; it's an encouragement.

Sometimes we have to open them by lantern or candlelight because there is no electricity.  Sometimes we open them during a thunderstorm, and it's raining so hard on the tin roof, the sound muffles our yells of happiness.  Other times, they arrive at just the right time, after a long hard day.

So, to all those who have taken the time (and continue to do so) to go shopping for us, to all those who've spent $55 for a very small box and crammed it unbelievably full of goodies, for all those of you who've thought of us in this way...THANK YOU!!!

Maybe someday we could send a box to each of you, with goodies and other fun things that you can only find in Bunia.  Wouldn't that be fun!

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