Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How To Fix The Car

Congo style!

Step 1: stop covering up the loud clanking noise with the radio and admit there is a problem.

Step 2:  check and verify the problem...hmmm, this shock absorber is missing pieces that the other shock absorber seems to have.  I'm quite puzzled at this, since many of the pieces missing are supposed to be bolted onto a shaft with no way off.  Bolt and nut are still there, but nothing in between

Step 3:  Scratch your head and laugh about it with the day guard.

Step 4:  Take inventory of anything you already have that might be useful in repairing said problem.

Step 5:  Go to local market and find David, my middle man.  Explain the problem with lots of hand gestures and pointing until he gets the idea.  Follow David through a maze of people and shops to a table full of spare hardware.  Procure the exact pieces for the exact make, model, and year of my car.  Can't help but wonder if these ARE the pieces that fell off.

Step 6:  Take "new" hardware home and wait until the morning to fix the car.

Step 7:  Take big hammer, wrenches, other useful persuasion tools and guard to the vehicle and begin assessments.  Disassemble broken parts and install "new" hardware by any means possible.

Step 8:  Use a piece of spare tire with a hole drilled in the middle (by electricity) for a rubber grommet.  Re-assemble and test drive.

Step 9:  Sit on porch with feet on the balcony, sipping pink lemonade for a job well done.  Shake your head and laugh because it took one week to replace 2 washers and a rubber grommet, in what would/should have taken 15 minutes.

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