Friday, March 12, 2010


So, just for fun I decided to plot a course for a possible furlough based on where most of our supporting churches and individuals are located. I was a little surprised at the results!

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That's 7,214 miles --OR-- 117 hours of driving time, with stops in at least 7 US states! I can just imagine...we finally return home after 290 gallons of gas, 2 flat tires, leaving a small suitcase in Lincoln, Nebraska, and endless bathroom breaks! This is the ultimate "Are We There Yet?!" On the other hand, I'm really encouraged that so many people from so many different backgrounds have come together to join our team and serve with us through the ministry of MAF. It warms my heart and eases my worries to know that folks literally all over the country are praying for us regularly! What a God we serve!

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