Monday, March 8, 2010


Ever heard of a bee called a mud dauber? It looks like a wasp and stings like a wasp, but it builds its nest out of mud and is commonly found around the corners of the house or attached to a barn or shed. They have a saying here in Quebec that involves the mud dauber, much like Punxsutawney Phil in the US is supposed to tell us how much longer winter will last depending on if he sees his shadow or not. Well, the bees tell people in Quebec if it's going to be a brutally cold winter with lots of snow, or more of a mild winter depending on where they decide to build their nests. So everyone around here watches the bees in October/November to see what they say about the upcoming winter, and surprisingly, they're quite accurate. Most of the nests I saw were pretty close to the ground. All that to say, it's been pretty mild here; most of the snow is gone and it's been in the 40's for the past few weeks. We've also been seeing a little more sunshine, which is very welcome! We can't wait to get out and start taking walks again.

Last week we had a mid term break, and it was nice to take a little pause in the french learning and "sleep in" (as much as you can with a 5 month old). Speaking of 5 month olds, our's is doing pretty well. She's quite the animated little girl, and just like her mommy, she loves people! She's rolling around, talking nonstop, and can't stop wiggling!

This week is quite the busy one. We have tons of homework to do, newsletters to write, and I'm in the middle of getting most of my immunizations for Africa. I also have to give my testimony this Wednesday morning during chapel (all in French mind you). Our monthly support is still about the same as it has been; we still need about 20% to be released to the field. We would appreciate your prayers in these matters. For now, I have to go get poked and prodded!

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