Saturday, September 6, 2008

Still Alive

Just an update for you--we're now at 12.3% of our monthly support goal. Our team is growing slowly, but steadily. We're still making lots of phone calls and meeting with people and writing lots and lots of thank you notes. We're finally settled into our new place, and we kind of like it. It's nice in a lot of ways to be out away from town. It's a lot quieter here, and there are lots of places to take nice peaceful walks.

We've also been asked to play/sing with the worship team at church again, just while we're here. So that's been fun. It gives us something to do other than ministry partnership, and we love doing it!

Here's the fam (Joy's side) just outside our cabin in Estes Park, CO. Look at that front row of cute kids!

Here's a photo of the MAF hangar in Nyankunde, DRC. This is the old base that got ransacked and looted in 2002. Hopefully this is where I will be flying out of in a couple years.

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