Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In Motion

Every day our apartment seems more and more bare, as we shuffle belongings to our temporary storage unit (or sell them). It feels like I'm too busy running around to stop and take in the fact that one of my major "life goals" is right at my fingertips. Training to be a missionary pilot (for me anyway) has been a long process, almost eight years in the making! Time flies, and sometimes you just need to stop and review what's happened in the past few years, where you are, and where you're headed. One of my good friends, and the director of Moody Aviation, once gave me a piece of advice: "Build 'rock piles,' when God does something significant in your life, or you jump a big hurdle, or accomplish some great achievement, write it down. Praise God for it, build a reminder kind of like Joshua and the Israelites did after crossing the Jordan River, so that all the generations to come would see it and ask, "what's that for?" And so you can tell them, that my son, is a reminder of how God took care of us, and is evidence of His hand in our lives." Actually, that's precisely what my class did after our graduation ceremony from Moody's Aviation program. Many don't know the story, but Moody Aviation was nearly shut down for good, a facility that has trained over half of the mission aviators on the field today. But through the grace of God, its legacy was allowed to continue. I was part of that first graduating class of the "new" Moody Aviation. And because we saw the hand of God working in so many different ways throughout our time there, we felt it appropriate to make a small memorial so that when new students walk by and say, "what is that for," I will be able to say, "It's because of God that this building stands."

I think I need to take a little time from the packing and the paperwork, the selling and the sweeping, and give God a bit of thanks for carrying me this far. This final picture was taken last night overlooking Portland International Airport as a Southwest Airlines 737 departed. The first one was taken not far from our apartment, as the cars and trucks wizzed by on Interstate 5. But enough about the pictures, I need to go find some rocks!

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