Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guess What?

Can you guess what I was up to today? I'll give you a hint, it was what I did all last week, and the week before that. Nope, it's not flying. Good guess though. I was packing and cleaning! It kind of seems like the more stuff I pack and take to our storage unit, two more boxes of stuff appear out of nowhere! I feel like I'm just moving boxes from room to room while I deep clean everything.
This is what our living room looks like now. It's kind of the center of operations for this little mission. This is where (even though it really doesn't look like it) I organize all the boxes into different categories of whether or not to keep it, is it going to stay here in the States when we leave, or is it hopefully coming overseas with us. I know it doesn't really looked organized, but I work on "organized chaos." I like it that way. Here's a picture of my project today...the kitchen. I was going to pack up a lot of our dishes and silverware, but I realized most of them were dirty. So I spent a while cleaning them all. Then I figured I'd just keep cleaning, so I moved all the big appliances into the middle of the floor and cleaned everything real good. I'm sure the landlords will be happy. And now that all the dishes are clean, tomorrow I'll spend the day packing them up. Pray for us; it's going to be a crazy rest of the week!

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