Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bug Battles...Continued

Although a rat is not a bug, it falls into the same category of "really nasty and does not belong in my home."  What you are about to see might be a little disturbing, just a warning. 

 For the past few weeks we've heard "things" in the kitchen.  At first it was just hearing things, then we found evidence...stinky evidence.  So I bought some traps, like the one that goes "snap!" and some rat glue and poison bait.  I started with the bait, and at first they were eating it up by the package, but it didn't seem to be doing much.  So I went to the snap trap and only managed to nearly snap my thumb off.  The cheese was always gone, but nothing was ever caught in the trap.  So I moved on to the really really sticky glue spread in a circle around a little piece of cheese.  Well, all that produced was a bunch of rat hair, so I started to get a little frustrated and desperate.  So last night, me and Joy decided to take things into our own hands and try to lure the rat into a plastic bucket with some cheese.  After two hours of chasing the rat around the kitchen and almost succeeding, we were getting pretty angry.  Then we realized there were two of them, and I got a great idea from my survival training.  I asked Joy to go get my survival knife, some duct tape, and an old broom handle.  She feverishly taped the knife to one end and handed it to me...no questions asked.  After a little more screaming, and a bunch of missed attempts (those things are fast!), I finally managed to skewer one (I will spare you the picture of this one, pretty gross).  I thought I had missed on the first stab, but definitely pinned him down on the second.  Finally success!  After waiting til he stopped moving, we threw him out on the trash pile and I started to get ready for bed, it was already 11pm.  Then, I heard the other one squealing and running around the kitchen, so I grabbed my spear again and thought I'd give it one more try.  This one was a much harder shot though, he was crawling around in the cabinet, underneath all the pots and pans.  So I waited and watched for a minute, and then I had the perfect opportunity right in between two glass bowls, so I took it.  Suffice it to say that there are at least two less rats in this world.  I slept good last night.

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