Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bug Battles Begin

Episode 1:

When we first got here, I thought the bugs weren't that bad at all, there weren't even that many mosquitoes flying around.  Truthfully, the bugs still aren't that bad, I just think we were exceptionally spared the first two weeks we were here.  Now that we're starting to settle in, I'm beginning to notice the little things.  Geckos scurry up the walls, but I can get used to them.  They keep the other small bugs at bay.  Ants crawl freely under the doors, some are big black ants, others are so tiny you can hardly see or notice them at all.  Keep the floors relatively clean and the lid tightly on the sugar canister, and they aren't a problem.  But, the other day I was outside burning our trash, and the biggest wasp I have ever seen landed on the bush right next to me.  I was more intrigued than scared, but I couldn't help thinking that the sting from a bee that colossal would probably make a rugby player cry.  I wasn't too concerned until I noticed yesterday that their nest is in one of our window sills.  I googled them today and found that they are among the most docile wasps in the world, and that they eat black and brown widow spiders and other insects.  I guess they can stay.

We also had a big surprise last night when I shut our bedroom door.  There was a spider the size of my palm staring back at me.  I promptly re-opened the door and ran to get the DOOM everything killer spray.  I let him have it until he shriveled up into a ball and then he went down the toilet.  I googled him too, and found out he eats mosquitoes, insects, other spiders, and even lizards and geckos, but I draw the line at spiders.  I don't care what they eat, how small they are, or what their purpose in life is--if they are in my house, they die.  Especially when they are that big, hairy, and can leap small buildings.  Their bite is not deadly, but can cause severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, and heart palpitations.  More than enough reason for me to justify my actions :) 

Until next time!


Evonne said...

i almost threw up when i saw the picture of that spider. holy mother of pearl!!!!!

Anonymous said...

TERRIFYING!!! yet it's really sad that you killed it. :( couldn't you just have put him outside? he deserved to live, too...