Thursday, August 5, 2010


Chris:  "Why is it so quiet in here?  Hey Joy, do you know where Kaitlyn is?"  
Joy:  "Nope, I thought you were watching her."
Chris:  "Oh, I thought you were watching her." ..."Kaitlyn, where are you?"   Silence
Kaitlyn, where are you?!
Kaitlyn:  "He he, blah blah blah!

Oh there you are!  You found your bag of cheerios I see.  Didn't you eat enough at dinner?  

Apparently she didn't, because she had two big handfuls of cheerios and they were disappearing faster than I could pick them up.  After I got all the cheerios out of her hair, off her back, legs, and forehead, I decided to take a picture!  Now she goes in the luggage so we can keep a watchful eye on her!  If you look closely, you might even be able to see her first tooth that just poked through!
Other than chasing a 10 month old around, we've been packing, shopping, and packing some more.  With just one month left, we're starting to feel the pressure of getting everything done before we leave September 8.  You can praise the Lord that we are all healthy and doing well!

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