Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finishing Up

Cookies and Christmas music, snowball fights and fireplaces, hot chocolate and family--it's that time of year once again! That's good because I think the snow is here to stay in Sherbrooke. We're living in a perpetual state of "flurries." Tomorrow we're supposed to get "beaucoup de neige" [lots and lots of snow] thanks to the snowstorm that's hit the rest of the US earlier this week. I'm half-way through my final exams for the semester, only three more tests and then I'm done!

Joy finishes her first semester on Friday as well, and we are hoping to leave Saturday morning for Ohio. I hear rumors of snow along our route...measured with a yard stick, so we'll see how long it takes us to get there. Usually, it should take about 15 hours, but with a baby and the weather, it will probably take significantly longer =) Our classes begin again on January 5th, so we will head back a few days before then.

Kaitlyn got her first taste of snow today; I don't think she liked it. She must have gotten some of that California blood from her mommy. When we come back for the winter semester I'll have to take her sledding and see how she likes that. But I'll have to wait for a warm day around 10 or 20 degrees. We did get an opportunity to take a family photo though right after I finished my oral exam.

We are definitely looking forward to some time off from our studies, and we'd ask you to pray for a safe journey to Ohio and a refreshing time with our family.

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