Sunday, November 15, 2009

Starting Early

Last weekend I did something I haven't done in a l o n g time! Some of our friends here let us in on a little secret that one of the university's here has free ice skating on Sunday afternoons. Of course I was interested right away; I even brought my hockey skates just in case there were any opportunities to play some hockey while we are up here. Joy didn't have any, but a quick trip to the local thrift store fixed that problem, and we went last Sunday. Most of the time Kaitlyn was bundled up in her snow suit, happily sleeping away. But right before we left, I thought it was appropriate to introduce her to the "coolest" game on earth, and we skated around for a few laps. I even let her feel the ice and stand up on her own. She loved it!

Kaitlyn also really likes bath time--or maybe she just likes to be pampered!

Our French studies are continuing; it seems weird that we only have six weeks of school left before our Christmas break. It's going by so fast. So far we have been healthy, but many of our friends and family have either been sick or are sick. It's been surprisingly balmy here; we've had a lot of rain, but it hasn't really been that cold yet. I have a feeling it's coming though.

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