Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beginning of the End? --or-- End of the Beginning?

We had our first official French class today! The first two weeks are phonetics based, so we're learning how to sound out letters and make humorous noises with our throats. I wish you could see it...a bunch of brand new French students all spitting at each other! Our instructor is very patient and understanding with us. It's very nice that our class only runs from 8:30am to noon. The rest of the day is spent practicing, listening, and making conversation with our neighbors and people we meet. We are listening to French CD's and watching French television and attempting to read French newspapers and magazines. We even try to speak to people...although most of the time we never really get passed, "Hello, my name is ____, I'm learning French!" It should be a very interesting semester!

In other exciting news, today is baby Konop's "birthday"....kind of. Joy is now full-term, which apparently means that our little girl could arrive any day. We had a doctor visit yesterday, and everything looks great; baby is right on target, and should be here in a few short weeks. Joy is getting pretty uncomfortable (I tell her I understand, but I really don't. I just rub feet, do the dishes, and make sure everything is ready to go for the big moment). Any last minute parenting advice would be greatly appreciated!

My younger brother is getting married on Saturday, which means I need to be in Virginia by Friday afternoon. We begin the drive as soon as class is out tomorrow, and hopefully we'll make it in time for the rehearsal! I'm guessing it will take at least 15 hours to drive, especially with a full term mommy lounging in the back seat! It will be even more challenging to make it back up to Sherbrooke for classes on Monday morning. We will see what happens; that's a whole lot of traveling in a very short amount of time. We would appreciate your prayers for a safe journey, and blessings on my brother's new marriage.

--Bon Voyage!

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