Monday, August 17, 2009

Life in Sherbrooke

It's finally winding down a little and we can take in a deep breath before school begins and our little girl arrives. Yesterday, we spent the entire afternoon with a couple we met from church. Their kids are away at summer camp for the next 2 weeks, so they invited us over for lunch. It was very interesting...the husband spoke Spanish, French, and just a touch of English, and the wife didn't speak any English, just Spanish and French. With our very limited French, and their limited English, it was a little difficult to hold a decent conversation, although we were very animated at times! The couple is actually from Mexico, which is a really good thing because Joy and I both were starting to crave some guacamole! There really aren't any places around here to get mexican food, so our hostess whipped up some homemade chips and guacamole dip for us...mmm! We learned a little of each other's stories, but I think we ended the afternoon with many more questions than our communication skills could get answered! We did find out that many people from church are playing street hockey tonight, so we will try and attend that. No no...Joy won't be playing, she will just watch and cheer from the stands.

Here's one of the only pictures I've been able to take so far. About 1/2 mile from our house there is a wonderful park with a walking trail around a lake. These are some of the many flowers along the path.

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