Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Which One?

One of these photos will hopefully go on an MAF prayer card...but which one?

The last week has been filled with paperwork, paperwork, guessed it...more paperwork. It seems that becoming a missionary requires, among other things, A LOT of forms and papers to fill out! I've also been working on our most recent newsletter (which is now done) that will soon be mailed out to all of our loving family and friends.

What about this one?

When I'm not followed by the seemingly endless trail of papers, you can still find me down in the Seravnt Wings hangars getting all greasy while mending unsafe conditions on the aircraft.

We are also excited to announce that MAF is now accepting donations on our behalf! Any donations received would be used for our initial outgoing expenses, including: housing during our summer orientation (5 weeks), MAF flight and maintenance orientation training, one year of language school, initial field assignment, shipping costs for our belongings to be shipped overseas, visa processing, immunizations, passports, and several other things.

One last photo, our first attempt at aerial photography. Featured is Servant Wings' Cessna 206 departing a grass airstrip about 10 minutes north of Vancouver, on an incredibly beautiful day!

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