Thursday, October 18, 2007

Do What's Right

Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly. That was the theme for Missions Fest: Seattle. We attended the conference last weekend, along with several thousand fellow believers. It was a great time for Joy and I to meet new friends, visit with old ones, and listen to speakers with incredible testimonies. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the event, as I somehow misplaced our nice digital camera.
The 206 still hasn't roared to life yet; seems that no one really has time to work on it (which is really sad). And to my dismay, the 172 is "broken" as well. So, needless to say, the logbook hasn't been cracked in over a month.
Work at Hillsboro is also starting to slow down as the weather becomes less and less condusive to flight training. It is, however, great weather to practice instrument flying, and I'm hoping to log some good time "in the soup" throughout the winter.
Our hopes remain high, though, and we'll hopefully be formally applying to MAF in the near future, which is exciting!
Here's a little teaser. This was taken back in my Moody training during our mountain flying phase. The airstrip is surrounded on all sides by mountains, it is sloped, and has a big dog leg right in the middle. Right at the beginning of the clip you can see a road on the right side of the screen, that's our pre-determined "abort" point. Any time during the landing phase (before we cross the road) the landing can be called off, or aborted. But, once we pass that point, we are "committed" and must land the airplane no matter what happens. The reason for this is because of the mountains I spoke about earlier. If we tried to abort the landing after passing the road, the airplane would be unable to outclimb the terrain and we would crash into the hills. Many airstrips that I will fly into overseas are the same way, and some even have the abort point before you can even see the runway.

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